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  • Frusterating Question.

    Why is there no obvious Turn order? this has become a increasingly frustrating issue. I've seen times where I have something as simple as Lighting up and the person I fighting will Heal, Activate Sylph and heal again before mine goes off. I have no Slow Debuff, they have no speed buff, It just seems this games turn order is random as hell. Or better yet, In Campaigns where my success hangs on the fact I have attacked first every turn then for the final one they hit first killing me. This is a major flaw in an otherwise great and fun game in my mind.

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    I am not a mage but i would say spam your 1st skill "lightning" as soon as the screen starts. To go dark on the battle. Fastest skill goes 1st..

    I/e: rain of fire is faster than whirlwind.
    I think not sure but i believe lunatic fire is faster than all aoes minus sylph awaken. Could be wrong.
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      the truthful answer is internet speed. Those with better connections get more and faster attacks.

      in arena, I have seen the entire opposite teams get in multiple attacks before our side. even if I or someone else is using one of the "fast" casting skills referenced above.

      I have seen in tanks where I can be trying to get a power-up, and someone else gets it, without ever being on top of it. Or reaching some wedding candy first, and having a latercommer move on top of me and steal it.

      It is the single biggest advantage in this game, other than a credit card. Many times it can even beat that credit card.

      the speed the OP is talking about is above and beyond the simple spam attack. I'm pretty good at that, but faster connection still wins out.
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        I am not sure about what you mean by obvious...but it's not quite random.
        Different skills have different speeds to cast,and you also need to take into consideration the lag factor.


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          Turn 1: Attacks go off and Troops Attack
          Turn 2: Repeat
          Turn 3 : Same

          X-Attack takes X-turns to go off.


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            It also depends somewhat on communication times between the servers of different providers. R2 servers are notoriously slower then all the other providers' servers. To the point where some from Kabam or Miniclip will get 2 or even 3 full attacks before an R2 player will get 1.

            It's aggravating, but not much anyone can do about it.
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              This happens to me all the time in arena. It is very frusterating to say the least.


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                mage and archer have better on attack speed ( their skill cooldown)
                and some can dealt double hit when they had better network connection than yours....
                especially if u had little lag, they can do double attack each turn depend on its cast skill...
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