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CSGB - Is it broken, or are people exploiting apurpose?

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  • CSGB - Is it broken, or are people exploiting apurpose?

    So what the hell is going on? This has happened to 6 of our top 7 BRs in the CSGB vs. Deadly_Sin. And it's never happened before to any of us. We get stuck in looping combats, then can't get back in on multiple browsers or with the mini client. It's stupid. We were up like 1500 pts before we all started losing the ability to play the game.

    Click image for larger version

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    Having exact same problem since the very first csgb and it's still here

    r2 knows this. It only collects $$$$ but is incompetent or unwilling to solve the bugs


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        oh my god are you serious? how lame can you be? i was glitched after the first fight and couldnt get back in, if you think you were the only one that was not able to compete your dead wrong, we were missing just as many players as you were. How dare you accuse us?? when its R2 you should be accusing, i havent been able to play in the guild battle the last two weeks, and yes its annoying to hear people playing when theres nothing you can do but try refreshing. And when i was blackscreened we were kicking your dead *** all around the guild battle, sorry you didnt spend enough balens buying tanks to "buy" your way to the win.

        In the end we won, the final score was 10,000 - 9900, a very narrow victory. But we played with what we had. So you were the only top br still in the game?
        i guess you dont count keldof as one of your top players, i wonder how he feels about that?? think about what you write next time

        we played the best we could with what we had, and lost almost half of the 40 players we brought to the battle, if you were gettting attacked by one player over and over perhpas he was one of the few players we had that could attack, but im sure you never thought about that.

        we didnt exploit our way to anything but played within the frame as best we could, sorry you didnt like it and feel we must have cheated to won
        perhaps you didnt know and probably dont care, this isnt our first time fighting for the cross server title, its now our second, how have you done?


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          i was the highest br player there and i got glitched, would love to beat you with no glitches. You only had the lead because some of our top players glitched in there 1st fight.


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            This is a bug that has existed since the beginning of CSGB.. to my knowledge there is no way to intentionally create this bug....that you would imply this really is in poor taste.... do you not think many of our players were also glitched? You think this was only happening to you.. wrong. I do hope that they fix this issue as I know the frustration of sitting out the whole battle looking at a black screen while my teammates are on call playing...
            Ingame name: Camages
            Server: EST, R2games
            Servername: S50 HereAfter
            Servers merged with: S9, S15, S39, S50, S52
            merged 4/10/2015 : S13, S21, S24, S27, S33
            merged 4/22/2016 : S179, S176, S182, S185, S188, S192, S195,S198, S201, S208, S211, S214, S217, S220, S224
            Toon: Mage
            Guild: Deadly Sins (DS) ...Dominion (newname)


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              You have been lucky not to have glitched before, i spent most of the first season of csgb looking at a blackscreen.... To the point it was a joke in our guild... don't do a Binx.

              As far as being pathetic, crying and accusing unfairly after a loss is what i would consider pathetic. Denny is right, this isn't our first rodeo in the finals, we are a tight guild with a solid plan... Try that instead of buying up an army of tanks.


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                What a childish response to a glitch that is effecting everyone. To accuse DS players of having the ability to force this glitch to occur is absurd. This was a very close battle. I got glitched. I have previously been glitched in battles with other guilds. I have filed tickets. I have asked to be reimbursed for the advanced pots and scrolls I used and was unable to benefit from due to the blackout glitch. There has been no resolution. You need to realize that we are not special, we cannot intentionally create a glitch. We do not like the glitch. It frustrates everyone who has encountered it. Join the freaking club and grow up.
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                Ingame name: Enelya
                Server: EST, R2games
                Servername: S50 HereAfter
                Servers merged with: S9, S15, S39, S50, S52
                Toon: Archer
                Guild: Deadly Sins (DS)


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                  smh in discust
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                    WOW such an intelligent response from the original person who was crying because his guild lost. Trying to accuse another guild of cheating because that is the only way we were going to beat you??? seriously, We like to win, but we like to win with dignity. Cheating would not give us that, not to mention.. why would we glitch ourselves? Does that make sense? I can't tell you how many people were getting mad and all they could do is laugh it off cause they were stuck in endless cycles of glitched battles, black screens, connection lost. These were some of our top players. LOL Most of our top players. We won because we have great leadership and a group of people that work well together. Organized battle is the best way to go. I give props to our leaders for an excellent plan of attack. It was rough going but in the end we were victorious.


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                      Oh boy its is not created intentionally all our players that got glitched by this even our top br players were struck by this also in terms of players we matched up pretty equal an u call us cheaters??? what about your people that glitch our top br people please explain this to me.
                      Also how can u tell it was us maybe it was u guys but don't won't admit it.
                      its not us causing it as many other guild have the same issues.
                      also really u didn't buy enough tanks to win it ? Not got an actual plan other spend spend spend we bought 0 tanks at least we plan our fight out ......


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	zorich rant.jpg
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                        zorich really? get your facts straight man, was it 6 of the top 7 or 9 of the top ten, which one was it? will it be 19 of the top 20 tomorrow? will the story grow bigger every day?


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                          Wow, Amazing how quickly all you under-10 post people come out here so fast.

                          So tell me, how was it that the likes of all but one (keldof) of our top BR players glitched by the 15 minute mark, yet I know that you, Fractorus and Camages and Talen and Frostknight and Spare were still all going at that point? I was glitched as well dennyh. That's why it's kind of a big deal that the same low-BR player hit me 5 times, 4 times in a row in rapid succession until I bugged.

                          What was the strategy of Cypher, a 375k Archer running into me over and over and DC'ing every time until it took me out of the game? 5 times in a row he did that before I glitched - and it IS a known way to glitch people by DC'ing while in combat with them. It has the potential effect of making the combat never end due to a bug, and sometimes forces them into dual combats that don't end. It happens a lot while on totems in particular.

                          Do I have sour grapes? You bet I do. I respect the hell out of a lot of you. Many of you are good players and good people I've enjoyed playing against in BG and Group Arena. But really, as a guild, why send in low-BR players to hit the high BRs, and then DC, if not to try and trigger the exploits? I'd give you the benefit of the doubt on delay tactics gone awry. I'd give you the benefit if it was a few players here and there... But guys - seriously. IT WAS ALEXO, ICEKING, LOKNAT, BEEFFY, FEYENOORD, MAKEVELI, ENGEL, WICKED and myself. You're talking about 5 Million BR among 9 players - and none of us were being DC-targeted by your top players. Most were in the 350k - 400k range. What's your excuse?

                          It's shady to say the least. If I'm wrong in my assumption, I'll completely own up to it and apologize - but I'd like to hear from support directly that it was in fact their buggy game. I, and pretty much every member of my guild who was DC-bugged, has opened up tickets regarding the bugs, and many of us have requested a review of the logs from 20:35 - 21:30 to see if any nefarious play was involved.
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                            You should send in tickets, we all have over this issue in the past too. It will be nice to hear your apology.


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                              Originally posted by dennyh View Post

                              zorich really? get your facts straight man, was it 6 of the top 7 or 9 of the top ten, which one was it? will it be 19 of the top 20 tomorrow? will the story grow bigger every day?
                              Look at the time of my 1st post dennyh. It was DURING the CSGB still. It only got worse.

                              And not for nothing, I was in the 9:00 BG at that point because when I eventually changed to a new PC and refreshed, it dumped me back into cloud city. Wouldn't let me get back into CSGB. Was hoping entering another event would clear me out. It didn't. Just kept getting, "The Battle Is Full" over and over.

                              When I WAS in the BG I made mention asking if anyone's been frozen in CSGB when a player keeps DC'ing on you. You know what the response was from a player from a guild you've played? "Oh, your fighting Dealdly Sin? They do that."

                              The person even went on to explain how such a tactic works and that the same thing happened to some of their top BR against you. So how am I supposed to take that information when I'm already suspicious about some of your player's tactics? You tell me...

                              Again, if I'm erroneous in my assumptions, I'll apologize. It's just mighty shady.