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Plz Read reguarding Mergers

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  • Plz Read reguarding Mergers

    I replied within the thread but felt it best to try getting direct attention here as well to ensure a timely reply before the deadline. I'm from S64 which is merged with S69 and are both East coast servers, in the merger thread it lists S64 in a West coast merge. Was wondering if we could get some info on if we really are merging and if so with which servers are we really merging. Common sense dictates it's impossible for West and East to merge, would like to know for sure so we can be prepared for shutdown ahead of time.

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    West Coast.
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      Just to be sure Kryptikal, you play on what platform? I'm asking because R2games server have the server 64(West coast) merging with other server while Kabam have also a server 64, also merging with other server, but is an east coast server (and it's seem that S64 are merging with 69 there).
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        Originally posted by EsmeWeatherwax View Post


        West Coast.
        Kabam S64 is a East coast server, in the merge thread it doesn't state if it pertains to R2 or Kabam. Since that thread was created everyone has been talking about the merge that is coming when it seems we aren't the ones merging and R2 S64 is. That's what's confusing, it only lists S64 no reference to either kabam or R2. So the question remains, are we merging again or is it just R2 S64?

        We've been merged with S69 for a while now but the merge thread has got the server thinking we're merging again. Just want to know if we are or not.
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          Kabam server merges are announced in their own section on the forums here. If you are from Kabam here is the latest merger information right here. if you are from R2Games then the merger information is listed right here. Hope this helps clear up any confusion
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            above the merger information in bold it defines (west coast servers)