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  • ok, there is a serious issue with people getting taken unexpectedly into a MPD. I was doing dimensions, and i had stopped for a sec, i wasnt clicking or accepting anything. just sitting in my dim. and next thing u know im inside a MPD with 3 others. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THIS NONSENSE HAPPEN? i mean seriously, that just wasted some of my energy to enter dims, and put me in an MPD i cant do anything in and there people in with me...well...2 of them are offline..the other...idk..this needs to be looked into.

    and i dont even know what good posting a ss of it would do...looks like i just entered a MPD with others..cause it shows them online..even though they are not..

    OH WAIT...i cant even post a ss if i wanted to...because flash player crashed again and im back in cloud city..cant take a ss now..

    seriously..this is stupid..not even sure how
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    • I really have no idea how to program but it shouldn't be hard to fix that cache thing. From all the bugs that came with the patch 5.0 I find it the most annoying. Most people that play wartune might have unlimited data but there is still plenty of people with limited data (I am one of those) and if our cache is cleared every time we log out, the people with limited data will lose all the available data in 2 weeks or so. But guess the r2 team doesn't care much since people already posted it hundred of times and it hasn't been posted in the list of bugs to be fixed


      • When i entered today in dragon invasion, today mean 10 minutes ago ive notice in world chat says i enterd in terraton layr ....
        Click image for larger version

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        I come from a world that you don't understand!


        • well, son, it's because I had run it on other servers this morning and there wasn't any hey, how bout you shaddup????


          • Quote Originally Posted by R2124147477 View Post
            Also while in a battle (WB,GB,PVP,Camp, every where) The mouse goes inactive and disappears when i hit target. Takes 4-5 sec to reappear. Makes me unable to do MPDs or any battle without AFK use.

            Originally posted by R2124147477 View Post
            Really sux that I can not play at this time! Still no answer? Is this another bug that we will not get comped for?

            I don't use keys to play! If that is what I had to use to play this game I would have NEVER started it.

            Please find out and let me know when this will be fixed.

            So OK!? The "Emergency Maintenance" DID NOT fix the disappearing mouse cursor.
            I still have not seen a reply to any of my posts.
            I understand there are a lot of bugs in this Patch(as usual) but this is really destroying my desire to play the game.

            when will I get a reply?


            • Oh and where do we find the formulas for higher gem synthesis?


              • and yet another bug : when running bounty targets the skills no longer are eligible in a timely manner and we are unable to choose them as to remain alive and eventually beat the level This happens on Kabam server 03 east
                Susanna , archer level 80 dragon bow master


                • Having following issues
                  - Lose full bar of hp (>300K) after EVERY fight in mpd, even after non-boss fights WITHOUT getting hit even once.
                  - Game nor caching properly
                  - Login reward not able to claim after day 2 rewards.. guess you have reset start day
                  - Not able to synthesize gems level 5+.. Can only synth the gems already learned..

                  Server - S460 Hinai Plains


                  • Come on fix this Void Portal Error. And The Sylph Essence quest loot already. Cant clear mps for Dragon soul either. Total **! As the world is gonna say, We expect Extreme compensation and not the same Grabage compensation we have been getting for years. We are losing Mp attempts not being able to clear them. good way to receive an unwanted finger.


                    • New Patch Cache did not saved

                      New Patch did not saving and load cache like previous patch...that was Increasing my Data consumption.from before i just need about 300Mb-400Mb.but now it increased to 1Gb ++ .see the attachment that was i monitoring when open Sylph properties see the data consumption.please fix it until it really fix....
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                      • Originally posted by BrooBee View Post
                        Login Prize Event starts on Second day too:

                        We had Maintenance today (Not Test Servers)
                        Unfortunately this is not a 'Patch Bug' but more an 'Event bug'. It should be directed to the *main bug thread*

                        Originally posted by Seidr1 View Post
                        in get pvp points and honor...but only till 5th kill.....after only points...need to be fixed asap...
                        This was not introduced with the new patch, and has been noted *in this thread*

                        Originally posted by ANIME1988 View Post
                        Do anybody know is the War of Eternity can be fix to as well.
                        War of Eternity has not yet been released. Please keep an eye on *News forum* for the announcement

                        Originally posted by Claytonny View Post
                        You are not posting there about Cache issue because:
                        1 - It is supposed to be like this from now on? Cleared cache each game play?
                        2 - You are just ignoring about this issue or you feel like isn't a issue to load everything all over and over again?
                        3 - You didn't see it until now?
                        Cache issues are not new. They were not introduced with Patch 5.0, just seems to have been made worse. There are many posts before the patch release, but we do kindly ask for people to run through the *lag troubleshoot article* first, perhaps try clearing flash cache (link in my signature).

                        Originally posted by Mechwarrior View Post
                        Treasure Cache is missing from the wilds now and equipment doesn't drop in solo dungeons.
                        Originally posted by BrooBee View Post
                        Is every drop changed all over from now on ?
                        Correct. Things that have been removed from dungeons with the new patch:

                        * Bronze/Silver/Gold box
                        * Mystery box (from Campaigns.. can still be found in MPD)
                        * Pandora box
                        * VIP box
                        * NPC
                        * Elites
                        * Gear drops
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                        • you didn't even answer the cache bug fiasco....


                          • I have an issue where when I lose a battle I get a blank pop up that doesn't have any words on it and when i click on the yellow button in the pop up it takes me to the refinement menu.


                            • Originally posted by Whakapono View Post
                              Cache issues are not new. They were not introduced with Patch 5.0. There are many posts before the patch release, but we do kindly ask for people to run through the *lag troubleshoot article* first, perhaps try clearing flash cache (link in my signature).
                              I can't believe they picked some idiot to be a moderator.

                              Actually, scratch that. It's makes sense for an idiot company to pick idiots for their employees.


                              • Originally posted by magerarcherknight View Post
                                you didn't even answer the cache bug fiasco....
                                All I can tell you, is the issue that has become worse with the patch release has been reported. I'm currently looking for a few 'good' examples of screenshots/videos to forward to assist the investigation. I will include *this post*.

                                Originally posted by FireKatz View Post
                                Were you having problems with cache saving before patch release? If no, then yes there will be flash cache to clear -_- Please don't confuse flash cache with browser cache, as they are two different things. The flash cache looks to be the issue that has become worse with the new patch.
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