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[Reported] Patch 5.0 bugs

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  • Cache - Unplayable Game!

    I'm about 5 seconds away from lodging a chargeback dispute with my CC company over this totally unplayable game, zero communication, passive aggressive mods and general couldn't give a cupcake attitude. Some communication around these issues would be nice rather than just blaming the user. Playing with an empty cache is ridiculous. Listen to your customers.


    • s611
      Bug: Void Normal MPD Portal will not allow players to progress after killing first boss.

      Message: This area is currently closed.

      Means that effected players lose mpd attempt and also cannot unlock Void Nightmare.


      • Please fix the mouse issue. It's really messing the game play up and frustrating.


        • i'm with this problem instead of updating in order to improve the game only get worse
          I can not release the battle protection
          maylee S600


          • Originally posted by R213952039 View Post
            Excuse me ?

            anyone have an answer for this? myself and others are having issues with not being able to put our gems back in.


            • scarlet. just double click the gems when u go to socket the double gems and they go in. bypassing that mythic only garbage.


              • ty digs, i got mine in, but another is still having issues. will pass the word along.

                told him, and worked, thank you so much!
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                • Originally posted by Digs01 View Post
                  scarlet. just double click the gems when u go to socket the double gems and they go in. bypassing that mythic only garbage.
                  Thank you for this
                  Retired Moderator.


                  • welcome to BETA wartune ))


                    • This is in fact bugged. The point of cross server matching is supposed to allow players to create a full party to do the instance in the event they can't find a full party from their server. When facing the bosses, you aren't just SEEING all three of them because you are facing one boss on your server and the other players from other servers are facing the others - you are facing all three, i.e. all three bosses attack and do damage. When using aoe attacks, you are actually dealing damage to all three bosses. You can, however, only see the health bar of one of the bosses.

                      Originally posted by ANIME1988 View Post
                      Actually I found out the what's the problem here and its not really bugged at all.

                      First testing was Start button (while i solo EF NM)
                      Than u see there only one Boss like Medusa.

                      After That I test my Second time was Matching Button (Matching w/ cross-server in EF NM)
                      than its show all other player in different server (Cross-server), you see all 3 different boss, but even so if u have full team in ur server and accident click Matching Button it still show 3 Boss so better click start so u know the different.

                      so this isn't really a bug or anything. its just how this suppose to be look like since everybody can get random boss even if u doing in the same server w/ 1 boss, but after that time u cant found anybody to do EF NM or EF Normal/Hell Mode by click Matching u still get 3 Different Boss. unless u click the start button w/out clicking Matching than u wont get 3 boss but instead of one boss.
                      dont believe me, u can try ask ur friends test it out the different in Element Forest MPD (either the Start Button or Matching Button) and see for yourself how many boss it show up :P

                      Matching Button is to Bring all 3 Boss together (I know its insane) but each server even as Cross-Server have to bring all 3 Boss
                      Starting Button is to Bring random 1 Boss (so it's Normal to have 1 last boss) but in your own server/same server etc. if u get what I mean.

                      My server: 345
                      Chars: Mage
                      Kid: Archer


                      • Originally posted by BrooBee View Post
                        When in EF Hell, the mouse pointer disappear now and then when trying to Click any skills !
                        on server 605, mouse pointer disappears in ANY battle.. to include: mpd, spire, tok, solo campaigns, arena, eudaemon arena, etc.. ALL BATTLES.. please fix this problem (and the totally severe lag - for lack of a better word). I did a plunder and only got ONE hit in the fight... luckily I was much stronger and more or less must have afk killed the guy because I won. couldn't click skills because mouse disappeared and, the entire fight was in severe slow motion to screen freezing. how are we supposed to play like this?

                        platform: r2
                        server : 605
                        player : Zombie


                        • another bug:
                          in battleground, i died but my eudamon won the fight.
                          i tried to do other fights after, but i always started dead, not even 1HP, not even time to cast a heal rune.


                          • Originally posted by Draggyy View Post
                            not sure if this was already mentioned but people are starting an event such as di or tara temple and they actually get in another mpd such ef...
                            Also there was a false announcement regarding the guild boss. It was 'more from fire, less from water' and in the middle of it said 'more from electro, less from wind' even though it didn't change
                            lag is huge now, even during tw had to refresh 3+ times, it was a refresh festival
                            Me too same problem.
                            Server: [S556] Lochforth Castle
                            Class: Archer
                            Guild: Genesis


                            • Originally posted by ¤Jazz¤ View Post
                              I wish R2Games release a version of the game installations so that all files is not over and over loading again as all other good online game. The loading goes heavy as updates goes in, they can create a patch update for the game if there is new updates so that player did not be hassle loading longer a couple of times while they are active playing
                              I agree with your proposal, but R2 is not the developer of the game. They lost a few days to fix the code in the interface. We can not ask them to do something they are not able to do.
                              R2 is interested only the real money.
                              Server: [S556] Lochforth Castle
                              Class: Archer
                              Guild: Genesis


                              • resistance crystals seem to be bugged.

                                1 star hectate.
                                4 lvl 10 dark resistance crystals
                                2 lvl 11 dark resistance crystals
                                dark resistance over 11k.
                                res reduction at about 3k ( all lvl 7s)

                                taking damage of 300-400k from weaker players dark slyphs.
                                doing damage of less than 50k to the same players. who have less than 8k dark resistance.

                                before the patch i had around 2k dark resistance and was taking almost no damage from most dark slyphs. after the patch i might as well not have any dark resistance crystals at all because the damage i am taking suggests that i dont have any dark resistance.