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CSGB issues for West coast test servers (27th sept)

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  • CSGB issues for West coast test servers (27th sept)

    It's seem that every west coast test servers have a broken CSGB. I was told that there will be some compensation later for that.
    Here a more complete list of those servers :
    S1 (S1,202,206,221,225,228,243,349,376,379)
    S4 (S4,6,10,12,17,38,44,56,59,74,77)
    S14 (S14,20,23,26,29,32,35,41,47,162,165,168,171,174,177,180,246,250,253,255,258,261,264)
    S62 (S62,64,68,71,83,87,90,93,96,99,102,105,109,199)
    S112 (S112,115,118,121,125,128,131,134,137,140,143,146,149,152,155,159,186,191,196,317,320,323,326)
    S212 (S212,215,232,235,239,267,270,274,277,280,283,286,436,440,446,449,452,455,486)

    I'm posting this here so you can can keep informed more easily.
    I (and/or other mods/mentor) will also keep this thread updated as much as possible.

    Edit: Got a bad's seem that it's not just the CSGB that have issues; It's appear that every Cross-server event are broken right now (Sylph arena and BattleGround for example).
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    Have a wonderful day

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    Discussion thread here: (Merge thread)

    Another thread here:

    I have included Pinkie's thread in the 'Bug thread' for quick reference, and we will keep this one updated as we hear anything
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