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Screenshots Required!

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  • Screenshots Required!

    Every report we have attempted to submit has been kicked back to us with a request for a screenshot or a video, and a character name and server. This results in every report being delayed. To speed things up, only reports that include a screenshot will be forwarded.

    A screenshot is now required to be included in a bug report. The inclusion of a character name and server will prevent us from having to delay the report should we be asked to provide one. In the event privacy is of a concern, the character name and server may be sent via private message to any moderator or mentor with a link to the thread that contains the screenshot.

    Videos are included as an option, but are only necessary when a screenshot will not accurately display the situation being experienced, such as when a specific series of actions must be performed to encounter the bug, or in cases where a skill is not functioning properly. Screen recording programs, and tutorials on how they are used, can be found on the internet. This is not implying that players should record all game play.

    Screenshots should include the entire area in which the bug is encountered. For example, if the bug is inside a panel, the entire panel, including all of the edges and the header, needs to be present in the screenshot. An arrow or a box that points to the specific part of the panel with the issue is appreciated. Text should not be written over the screenshot unless it is to point out a specific instruction needed to reproduce the bug.

    For the "nothing happens" situations where a screenshot is not technically possible, take a screenshot of the point that precedes the bug encounter. Example: When clicking on a cross server player's name, and clicking on Add Friend results in nothing happening, take a screenshot of the chat window with the Add Friend option open.

    Detailed instructions on how to take a screenshot can be found by visiting Take A Screenshot and selecting the appropriate tab for your device. In the event a device is incapable of taking a screenshot, screenshot programs, and tutorials on how to use them, can be found on the internet.

    If the screenshot fails to upload to the forum, it is either too big or in a format not compatible with the forum. Crop the image down to only what is needed, and/or save the image as a .jpg, and try again. Another option is to upload the screenshot to an image hosting service, such as or, and paste the link to the image in the thread.
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