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    Originally posted by lowridermoon69 View Post
    I lost 2 of my characters at different servers. i was playing at server 894 and 887 my character name was ArowManMoon but today when i logged in, it told me to start over with a new toon at both the servers. really? wth is this R2? i was a vip and had a recharge history i was in a guild and was playing the game actively. there wasnt any criteria met for deleting my character,, even then i lost both of my toons. is this what u call professionalism? really? such an incompetent team . i need an answer on this.
    My inbox is broken, so I'm glad you posted, but it would be helpful in the future to create your own thread in the Bugs and Support section.

    If you go to and see no order history, then you are on the wrong account. Log out, log in back using the same exact method of logging in as you used originally. If you still don't see an order history after logging back in, go to and provide the character name and server and the receipt for one of your purchases and ask them to help you find the account you should be logging in on.
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      engulfed all 4 bunny items from anniversary event but didnt get a title. is there one?


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        Originally posted by XadTheSecond View Post
        engulfed all 4 bunny items from anniversary event but didnt get a title. is there one?
        No there is no title that I could find for the Bunny items
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