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Not seeing announced maint but all kong servers down

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  • Not seeing announced maint but all kong servers down

    I'm not seeing any announced maintenance on this forum or the kong forum, but all of the kongregate servers are showing as offline for maintenance. This isn't the usual time for the normal maintenance either. Any info on why the servers are down?

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    On EU server there was this announcement today, 16:00 was 2 hours and half ago:

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyway only log in is disable, who logged before can still enjoy the huge lag


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      On kongregate, it won't even let me access the game page anymore; the site acts like the game doesn't even exist. If it really is down for a 24 hour maintenance, then why is there no information on the forums here or on kongregate? That's a pretty major foul.


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        I too can log into but wartune does not even come up now...
        I cannot log in
        I do not know what is happening
        I am missing all my rewards and such =(


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          Where is R2? Wartune servers still down, hours later and yet still no one really knows what is happening... nothing from R2 and Kong states maintenance is the issue, with the only answer being that the servers will be back up "soon." The question is, what does soon actually mean.. minutes, hours, days, weeks or .... Would be nice if R2 would simply provide the minor service of posting on this issue, and let us know what is happening...


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            I submitted tickets with both kongregate and R2. Kongregate says game is down for maintenance and will be back up "soon", with no definition of when "soon" will be. R2 replied with a generic cut/paste reply that apologizes for the loading issue and says their IT department is looking into it. Neither response is particularly helpful.
            It shouldn't be an alien concept for whoever took the game down for maintenance to put an actual official post on their forum saying what's going on and how long it will last.


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              We reported this earlier today, and now Kong wartune has disappeared, This has also just been reported. Bare with us on this issue. I am sorry there has been no announcement or such for this. I will keep you updated.
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                Thank you Equinox. It's very disconcerting.


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                  Game is still down for maintenance for an unspecified amount of time, but at least it can be found on kongregate again. The URL that displays when navigating to the server select screen has changed.


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                    Someone announced we are being moved to ************ ???


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                      When navigating to the game on Kongregate now that it has reappeared the address is displaying as:


                      I feel like it's supposed to say "R2Games" where it is displaying ProficientCity...


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                        Hello R2...
                        will someone tell us what the hell is going on and why???????


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                          proficient city

                          said they bought that part of kong?
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                            Kong will be under the ProC umbrella following this maintenance. Mods and GMs were not given prior notice, so we apologize that we weren't able to push for an announcement before the servers went down. I dropped you guys a note on your forum, for those who don't visit here. Downtime to transfer the files could take up to 24 hours. Unfortunately, since R2 is no longer involved with your platform, I don't have specifics on what time to expect the servers to be back up.

                            Please note, ProC is who you need to go to for support related issues now. You are always welcome to discuss the game here, all suggestions and feedback go to the same place, but we will not be able to assist with any character or server related issues for Kong players. I will not have any updates for you guys regarding this downtime.
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                              Thanks MemoryLane
                              you are the bestest