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Wartune GameRocks to R2Games Transfer FAQ

This is a sticky topic.
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    I dont know if R2 knows how fast the linking part went, in lack of other words, and I dont know if this is information that will help, but I see and hear decent amount of ppl having issues here. Im 100% grateful that R2 took gamerocks players over, so this is not me complaining, its just to say how easy a mislink could happen.

    I had been on R2 account (which I have had for years by now. Easier to ticket and forum and what not) on chrome browser earlier the day. Then closed chrome. Hours after I had my husband writing me a text saying I needed to check game, if I had time cause something was weird. I use a different browser for the game, since chrome and wartune my place is a nightmare. I opened the Brave browser and found the notice about link pls - I put in the keys for gamerocks and clicked and nothing happened - I refreshed and then I was in. The keys on gamerocks are different then the keys on R2 account BUT still the linking must have happened there cause I have my toon on my R2 account. So to be clear - my log in to R2 account was on a different browser and that browser was closed when I logged the gamerocks page plus the keys I used was different then the keys on R2 account. Well same mail, but password are different. There was no " are you sure this is what you want" warning or " this is what is going to happen" message.

    I can easy see how ppl got in trouble with this and I hope devs and helperelfs have some understanding if there has been some mislink to like a different R2 account or ppl get in trouble with a password, cause that linking was fast and after.. nothing. There were forum threads where ppl asked.. did I do it correct and so on, but geez.
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      f7. Can I recharge as usual after the transfer?
      f7. Recharge function will be available again after the transfer.

      This seem to not be the case, as it only accepts Paypal or Crypto cash, no option to use Credit Card as before.