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Adventerous and vetrans reards, why do the lie

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  • Adventerous and vetrans reards, why do the lie

    i am playing eternalfury on S15, i got to lvl 33 and got my rewards as promised, but when i got to lvl 40 and asked for lvl 40 rewards this is what they wrote:
    there are no lvl 40 rewards only 1 to 30 the 50, 60 ,70 and they said i should wait till lvl 70 so then i should send them the request for all lvl rewards. first of all
    they dont decide when i want my rewrds if i want them after every 10 lvls thats my right, and now i paste conversation from them on my other account where i did
    recieve lvl 40 are they lieing or do they want me to keep on recharging so they can earn, i just think this is way way bad the way they treat one, they still
    have not learned there lesson from what happened to wartune i suppose


    According from our records when you first contacted us your current level was Lv.33 in which we have checked on our end therefore your rewards for Lv.1 to Lv.30 was already included on the rewards that we have recently sent. Please do note that there is no rewards for reaching Lv.10 and Lv.20. Only for Lv.1, Lv.30, Lv40, Lv.50, Lv.60 and lastly is for Lv.70. Have a great day!

    -The R2Games Team

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    Sent: 29/10/2020, 5:02 am
    Subject: Re: adventerous rewards, vetrans rewards [ ref:_00D2v2J3oh._5002v2tRjmP:ref ]