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Ok so its been like month now ?

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  • Ok so its been like month now ?

    "Closed, Sticky:[Announcement] Updates on the current wartune issue
    Started by, 10-30-2020, 06:14 AM"

    Im so glad i put tons of $ into this very professional company wich dosnt even inform us *** is goin on, btw those "court cases" you need to use u.s.a vpn to access so thats not an excuse to not inform ppl on forums there is alot players from europe too. Is R2 so incapable of making sense of their servers being down by now or *** is the reason we dont get any info is game goin to be playable again or not ?

    Maybe they dont think we deserve any news and they just wait till we forget whole game(there is the issue with flash player).

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    People are plwing,m just not opn R2, GH platform.


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      Wartune is considered dead while on going cases. I just hope they just settle it instead (not by court). On the other hand, I can save money (expensive to play international game). I said to myself before, if Wartune game died, I will not play any same developer related games. I guess this is the answer. Somehow the game died before the end of flash player.


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        been gone so long I had no idea anything was going on,been enjoying LOTRO the last several months.


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          Wartune is closed by this way....


          • #6
            So Wartune is officially dead, I guess? Have to move on?


            • #7
              People will forget Wartune soon, and they will go to spend their money on other similar games again......


              • #8
                just glad i didn't waste any money on it,it was never that good
                anyway and only started because a friend was playing.he stopped
                playing so really i didn't have any reason to stay.
                got 11 characters on lord of the rings and a few good friends in-game
                that make it more fun to play,and sooo much more content.