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Eternal Hearts (Event item for Rings)

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  • Eternal Hearts (Event item for Rings)

    In the hot events under wedding shards event, there is an exchange for 20 Eternal Hearts.

    The description of the item is ( Used to craft a wedding ring )

    Basically after buying some i cannot see where to craft or exchange the hearts for a ring - Basically what am i missing and can i exchange hearts for a ring ?

    Thinking maybe i have to be engaged first ?

    - Cheers for any insight -

  • #2
    u need a lvl 1 wedding ring - those are like fashion cores, w/o the clothing its useless
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      Here is a detailed description:
      My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:


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        the 500 needed, do both players have to get 500 or only of em?


        • #5
          for what i wrote, each upgrade his own ring
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          • #6
            under equipment click arrow by wedding rings


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