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Is this legal?

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  • Is this legal?

    -Images removed-

    sry if i suck at image editing
    can anyone confirm or deny if this is legal or not? and i mean a mod/gm/dev whatever.
    i mean ONE thing is collecting rewards with autoclick, but this...... im speechless
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    Internet police won't arrest you for it. Will the game ban you for using it, probably not. They rarely do, the bot isn't a hack it just mimics your own movement in game which for them is nigh impossible to detect (just look at how well they do with simple things). You shouldn't trust 3rd party software in most cases, will people use it, duh, will some get banned ehhh doubt it, maybe if they're the most hated cupcake on their server they'll get a mass petition for banning lol


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      Looks like we found a tattle tale hahaha
      But nothing is illegal about it unless like Wraith said, you're hated on your server.


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        this thing is 12% cheaper than VIP and does infitinely more things than vip (hell this bot would prolly complete 200 CQ in one night), not to count it gives u 10 free sepulchrum a day (imho more valuable than 10 VIP coins) and by giving u the chance of doing WB while away...
        the point of vip is to have ppl get a bit more gold and faster, with some exp on the side. 10min cd on duels and 5min cd on sylph arena is nothing imho, so at least for ppl lv80, or close to it, the VIP offers close to nothing, whereas this thing does. im not so sure this is R2s best interest


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          Well in due time we will find out if it's illegal or not.


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            just a script isn't it?

            can't be that bad
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            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
            but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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              Any use, of any 3rd party software, used in relation to Wartune is against the terms of service.

              There is no discussion on this.
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