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Best class in wartune?

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  • Best class in wartune?

    i was wondering what is the best multi purpose class?
    class that can solo, pvp and farm well and also easy to use?

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    i ld say mage but all classes can do those ...
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      Originally posted by Maximus_135 View Post
      i was wondering what is the best multi purpose class?
      class that can solo, pvp and farm well and also easy to use?
      How about you go play Eden Eternal instead?
      The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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        mage. nuf said.
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          Really?...hmmm...i think it depends...

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            Mage of course.


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              mages are better xD
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                Depends on how easy of a time you want? If you want easy play a mage/archer (no offense to the mages/archers out there. Y'all rock ). If you want to play a class that requires a good idea of what you want it to be play a knight. We aren't glamorous, we aren't flashy, what we do is gritty and we get little love from most players. But done right, knights kick butt 40+

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                  -__- the strongest class is Balenor Class haha. special access, which regular player cant do


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                    Wartune when reffering to class ie; dps(archer/mage), tank(Knight), healer(Mage) is basicly your average mmo (just on a smaller scale) Each class has its perks so really there isnt a 'best class' its a matter of preference. Having said that I will agree with Barbarossa, ^^ Archer/Mage are the easier classes.
                    If you want True dps & high crits the Archer class is for you.
                    If you preffer dealing moderate dps with or without crits and / or healing team mates & discharging negative buffs then Mage is for you.
                    The tank class is more of a challenge as it requires finesse, your job isn't to do the max damage but to mitigate incoming damage and protect your team through use of Armor, Astrals, Block, Shields etc etc. Preferably previous tank experience in other mmo's wouldn't go amiss. The class potential opens up at around lvl 40+ as stated above by Barbarossa.


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                      Originally posted by R28399309 View Post
                      if knight tank, im butterfly..he DPS+TANK n he better then other in dps n in tanking
                      class balance ****
                      cash - noncah balance ****

                      so game ****? - ye

                      dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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                        every class is best if u have lots of cash.. does it means cash is best class? lol


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                          Mage especially after 1.5. With its initial rage clothing. Rage was only limiting factor for mage. Lvl 3 clothing +9 initial rage. You got 3 clothing slots + wings.


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                            Best class is a mage by far


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                              Choose Hipster.