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Nerf/Buff (GEMS)

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    They must be tweaked. Correct. Nerfed!!!! I'd say.

    After all, I've forgotten about something that could blow powerful gems away.
    >>> DARU ENGRAVING <<<

    Cashers are definitely going to get more gems than you. Hell, 850 balens is already 10 lvl 2 gems, which is 2 lvl 3 n 2 lvl 2s.
    And they are selling lvl 4 gems in Mystery Shop for only 900 balens. (220 balens for lvl 3 gems).

    With socketing rods, they will get more gems and their effects. Along with Daru Engraving, the advantage they have (at higher levels of gems and daru engraving) the gap between cashers and non-cashers is going to be further and further.


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      how i can get that all gem?????can you give me my friend?????


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        I don't think the game is too broken (other then socket rods)its just like any other game the amount of time you spend will show how strong you are by the time you hit lvl 40-50 you can go down to about floor 50 of the Catacombs one gem per 5 floors =10 gems. In one month = *lvl1 gems 280* covert *70 lvl 2 gems* *17 lvl3 gems* and if you were luck to get the same gems you could make a one or two lvl4 gem (odds are really good know that you can convert atk gems). And if you saved your crypt keys you should have like 14 so in on day you could get 140 lvl 1 gems (lol that would be really hard to do in one day though) so i think its fine the way it is. As for money players they will still have lvl+5gems and 80% of the time they will most likely win the other 20% is because a lot, but not all of them will lack the skill from ramping their character up so fast that when they hit a stick scenario they don't know what to do but you will... That's my ideas any way
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          wait till more can do necropolis, then you'll see :P


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            Originally posted by Oxykotton View Post
            First of all I was agreeing with you that gems need to be tweaked a bit. Please read the full thing and try to get the gist of what I was writing about. Lastly, sure the cashers are able to get 3 stronger gems out of it, but non cashers still are able to slightly balance it out if the gems were buffed up more.
            If free players gems are boosted, so are cashers, thats not helping the balance at all really, its just handing them even more power and nerfing our own so to speak. Daru Engraving at lvl 5 is a 10% bonus, its easy enough to work from there, thats a significant amount for a low/mid level gem honestly
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