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Wing synthesis?

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  • Wing synthesis?

    So here's the thing, I've got:

    1x B Class Wings level 1
    1x S Class Wings level 1

    Can I synthesize them without risking the S class? I mean, the B class is higher, but an S class is much more valuable.. So I want a set of S Class Wings Level 2 out of this, is it possible WITHOUT risking the S Class? The look I dont care about, just as long as it's S Class. Which do I put in which box?

    I'm new to this game, I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance.

    Hrunar, R2[506]

    Edit: Both wings are level 1. My bad.
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    The S class give nothing to you except giving you bigger stats when you identify it and refine it. And as long that you already have wear your S wing once, it's saved in your clothes dresser and you will never lose any refined stats you have on it (if you get lucky enough to identify it in the first place). The only thing that matter for you about the wings you wear is the lvl of it. Cause whatever if it's Class S or Class B, you get the same stats from the same lvl. (I most say though that you can have "mini-wings" which is lvl 0 and can't be synthesized to a higher lvl and give less stats, but since you are new to the game, I doubt you got those event's wings)
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