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Marriage sharing

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  • Marriage sharing

    I realize that the US servers will never see a trading post. But i think it would be appropriate that with the new "marriage system" that those two players could trade and share between themselves. Gift each other.

    To create an aspect to a game that encompasses all cultures and faiths, the developers may need to respect that. Most cultures and societies share with their significant other. That would be the point of marriage if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm just saying that if I or my "virtual mate" were 3 stones short of an achievement, we could pass them between us. The concept would be team building. 99% of all items that anyone would want to give or trade
    cannot be purchased anyways, so it is not a loss of revenue.

    Without a doubt the rings need to upgrade as a pair. The balen purchase for the "engagement" got the rings. Because we both received one. Therefor they should be upgraded as a 2 party team. No question about that.

    Personally I think the game Dev's made a mockery of something that most people take serious. Even if it is just a game. They knew "our version " of marriage because that is how we all live on this planet. Including them.

    At the end here, i just find it appropriate to be able to share, and that the rings advance together.

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    The rings dont advance together? That is rank - really really rank!


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      It's good to share different marriage concept of different countries here. Marriage system in game also team up two player, also many players got married in reality with "virtual mate" in game. it's cool.


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        thank you very much for the suggestion! we certainly appreciate the thoughts behind it. we will be forwarding some of the ideas from this. thank you again.


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          More Marriage sharing

          I'm defo in with this idea. Rings should advance together even if this is half the speed of now!

          But can I add more, though I know these will be real tough...?

          Living together: Should be able to join castle. This makes individual plundering a couple much more tough!! (But would increase their plunder...) Couples teamed up in wilds can plunder together though...
          ...of course, in the divorce the wife gets the castle - husband can sleep over at his mates'.
          Joint Account: Gold should be shared, and this should be enforced!! How long a couple would stay together when one is doing all the astralling after WB?? "honey, I need it for enchanting..." Really would offset any benefits, and only the best partners would figure out how to stay together!!
          Children: we'll get to this in a few years...


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            How about making babys ?
            "Keep having fun , d'ont let negative pepole drug you down ! "


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              Originally posted by ApolloMight View Post
              How about making babys ?
              I think you need the G. M to summon Divine Baptism Altar for that. Sharing could be useful for some items like insignias your spouse might need 10 more to get an epic shard. Then that could be useful.

              Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.