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Please get rid of bound and unbound items

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  • Please get rid of bound and unbound items

    Seriously, is there still a reason why they have unbound items? This is killing me on inventory. I have started saving those orange bounty quests and now I have 2 spots taken up for that. It will not let me combine the unbound with the bound. I can't even move them around in my inventory. Is this just a scam to get you to buy more inventory? I refuse to spend money on inventory. IMO, if they give you more inventory or at least make it cheaper, I think people would spend more since they could hold more.

  • #2
    Click on the bounty scrolls one time and choose the "move" option. If you want another way, open up your guild vault and you can drag it instead.
    That said, I agree that they should get rid of unbound/bound. Get's annoying in MPD when you have an almost full bag and the same items are taking up two spots because of this issue.


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      It was for the trade house thing we arent would only be able to sell unbound items...but yeah..we not getting it but we seem to be keepin the unbound thing.


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        PLEASE, everything bound. It is really really really annoying to have bound and unbound


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          And another thing, why do I have clothes showing up in my inventory?


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            I agree remove bound and unbound my one. all ppl must move one to another it is annoying. WE PLAYERS dont see diffirence between bound and unbound. Only in balens we can see diffirence, rest is just a junk.


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              will be forwarding this suggestion.