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questions abt AQ/Cerberus and knight + sky trail/GD

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  • questions abt AQ/Cerberus and knight + sky trail/GD

    hello everyone, sry for opening another thread but ill try to keep my questions to a minimum

    my wife is playing a knight and i adviced her to use AQ (dont throw rocks at me) since it looks like a quite cool sylph and it had the little dinosaur
    she seems not to be convinced that my advice was good, so in order to save my marriage (LOL) i have to ask the following:

    is AQ a good sylph overall? i assumed so since it has the 2nd most powerful delphic in the game (1st being gaia)

    1) is AQs special skill much worse than gaias? does only 30% less but still seems far stronger than hades/apollo special skill, how much of a difference does that 30% and why (give its still 440% and not 100vs130)
    2) does it make sense for a knight to use AQ? ik that Patk vs Matk stuff and everything, but given that this game is not "class WARtune" but more "SYLPHtune" isnt it actually better to use AQ in class wars? i rarely (if ever) saw ppl use fire resist crystals and since, as game states, 50 resist = 6% dmg reduction isnt it better for a knight to use it? regardless of the phy/mag atk?
    2b) everyone defends against gaia, isnt most of the time more effective to use AQ and bypass (also include will crystals) resistance at all but deal PHY dmg, rather than use gaia (whom everyone defends against) and do MAG dmg?
    3) regarding to cerberus, plain evolving gives some additional stats? as in more growth/attributes? or does it only increase the sepulchrum limit?
    4) the cerberus skill "Devouring Lava" does damage and debuffs the target for 10% LESS phy def. is there a turn limit? (i assume so) what is the turn limit?
    5) is it actually true that in sylph form defense doesnt matter? if no: why would ppl say that defense doesnt matter in sky trail/dog descent? if yes: whats the whole deal with everyone using gaia for the "magical electric damage" if magic def doesnt really matter? id just assume ppl use gaia for the better passive (5% after u take dmg) and special (470% vs 440%)
    5b) if defense doesnt matter (as some said on the forum) then how is it possible i saw my wife take LESS dmg from dark boss in sky trail/god descent than me, but then i took less dmg than her from light boss special skill than her. is this info actually accurate?
    5c) and if def doesnt matter, why does a naked char/wearing **** char take far more dmg in both ST and GD than a better geared one if they have same resist value? (this is rly f.king my mind)
    6) back to cerberus: do Ode To Styx and Vulcan Blessing stack for a 40% more dmg? if so is it worth wasting 2 turns or is it better to spam skills?
    7 and last) can Infernal Inflamation and Devouring Lava work together, II wont work with mage damnation? (10% more dmg and 10% less def) if so since its not always possible to use both what would be the best rotation? assuming one wants to use rune, lava, inflamation and special skill? what would "you" the reader use?

    sry for the long post and plz ignore it if u dont have answers/constructive critics. ty all in advance

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    im too lazy to read over all the questions and answer them 1 by 1 so ill just tell u what i think

    knights are already patk, in cw where you are up against other knights and knights are already a class with great pdef using an amazon will put u at a disadvantage and thats why gaia is better for knights because it does magic damage. resistance do play a difference and there will pretty much be no knights using fire resistance crystals, but even with all that accounted for gaia is still best.

    if ur against a knight with pretty much the same stat as u in cw, the other knight wouldnt be scared of ur delphic at all while it is highly likely that the other knight (if hes using gaia) will probably 1 shot or close to 1 shotting u with gaia delphic (also hercules has a skill that reduces ur mdef by 30% which is just overkill along with delphic). Like im a mage and pretty much every mage around my br maybe even less can 1 shot me with a hades delphic like in tok where a hades delphic will 1 shot me for sure. Im in a group with a knight around my br and we he gets hit by a hades delphic it barely takes over 1/4 of his hp. so knights are really tough against physical attacks.

    amazon's delphic does less damage beause it has a chance to hit more than 1 enemy. i guess its helpful in ga or tok but pve (stuff like sky trail, dragon invasion, god descent wb, etc.) is usually solo or against 1 boss and cw/solo arena u usually have only 1 target left to delphic by the time you can delphic.

    AQ should just be used by a mage and can possibly work on an archer, but for knights its just really bad.
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      Not trying to be a jerk but if you want to save your marriage (lol) tell her to get a gaia and give her enough money to buy the balens and sepulcrum to get it to the same level her crappy AQ is at now.


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        Overall..Yeah, Amazon Queen is a good sylph.. Just like all other sylphs.

        1) - Amazon vs Gaia's delph.. Not that much of a difference.. It just depends on what you're hitting ( pdef/mdef of the target, resistance crystals, res reduction crystals will alter the damage)

        2)a] - Nowadays, not only people (knights) dont really use fire res gem, they also favor mdef over pdef (standard knight gems are patck, hp, mdef, crit/block). So, in my opinion, Patck sylphs are very viable for knights too, since knights/archers goes with less pdef now, and it hits mages "weakspot".

        2)b] - cf a]. In my opinion (again! opinions, such ** ), people are getting way too much atck lol, there's no use in having a sylph that deals 500k damage when the ennemy barely has 200-300k hp. Amazon Queen does quite a bunch of damage too, even though it's patck. (that's only usable for the pvp aspect of the never have enough atck for the pve one XD)

        3) - Gives more stats, increase sepulcrum limit, you get a godamn helldog (lol) and gives you access to more skills for that almighty doggy.

        4) - IIRC, it's 3 turns.

        5) - People use gaia cuz it has the strongest single target skill in the game xD. And, defenses still matter when awakened, it's just that resistance crytals seem to reduce/increase damage by a % against the strong/weak element. And since skytrail/gods descent are based on's better not to go against the wind x)

        6) - No idea, but I doubt so..same kind of buffs/debuffs doesnt stack in the game (both costs 500 awakening points anyway lol). If you were to use one of the buff, use the one that heals you too (obviously lol), then spam skills..If you arent dead yet

        7) - Infernal Inflammation and devouring lava stacks together (10% increased damage received and 10% pdef decrease). II doesnt stack with damnation though (II will erase the damnation debuff)
        As a knight, I'll just use heal rune first, awaken, ode to styx, infernal inflammation, devouring lava, delphic (then blistering flames..xD).


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          actually i am not gonna go for the devouring lava as i already have that crappy skill firestorm
          maybe will build another cerberus for devouring lava but it just makes over 20,000 damage thing in pvp in pve like 60,000


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            delphic, ode to styx, devouring lava, infernal inflamation and blistering flame
            is an awesome combo

            has better set of skills than herc imo
            IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
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            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
            but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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              Blistering flames-210%(or whatever that is called),
              Infernal inflamation-220%,
              Devouring Lava-265%
              This is the best set dmg skills so far, (better than any other sylph).
              Don't under estimate Cerberus, my cerberus doesnt even need delphic to finish any competitive mage, just those upper skills. :3
              well its my secondary sylph tho, got hades n medusa.


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                talking about diffrence in delphics , its not that much as it appears,
                for example , if Cerberus is hitting 100k delphic,
                then Herc will be hitting around 106-107k delphic,
                it can hit lower or higher too since floating dmg plays a big roll,
                what i mean to say is, they r almost same, its your luck of floating dmg whether u will hit higher or lower.
                source: have noticed by cerberus hitting 1200k delphic in spire which is only 30k br. while herc of my mate did 1150k dmg. his herc got 42k br.
                we usually hit the same amount of dmg not that much of diffrence to be noticed. so i would say stay with queen/cerberus and ignore whoever says switch to Eve.
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                  Like any Sylph that been given a lot of items it will do well. I do find Cerberus hard to fight against even with my Triton. I do use AQ during events likes Gods Descent or when I need better fire resistance.

                  Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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                    As a knight you have some disadvantages in front of the other knights who use MATK sylphs, but if you end up being a strong knight its good since our weakness to mages is well known and an AQ will trash them more than a Eve but yeah you adviced her wrong to use an AQ and now its pretty late to change since i guess all sepulcrums and mahra went into it. One thing i`ve learned in this game and that is you`ll never know what devs are cooking, might be a good choice in few months.
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                      AQ's best trait is that its 2nd evolve looks like a beast, if you can meet all the requirements to get a 2nd stage evolve anyways lol


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                        Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
                        delphic, ode to styx, devouring lava, infernal inflamation and blistering flame
                        is an awesome combo

                        has better set of skills than herc imo
                        Says the one with a 46k BR herc
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                        Level:Advanced 80
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                          Originally posted by MODOK354847 View Post
                          Says the one with a 46k BR herc

                          its stronger than that
                          but what does br of my herc matter anyway?
                          IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                          Class: Archer
                          Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                          Guild: Black Lotus
                          Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
                          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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                            For pvp, don't overestimate the value of having matk vs. patk in your sylph. The mere fact that hercules is so popular makes it a lot less effective in pvp, since almost everyone will stack as much electro resist as they can. My knight currently has 3k more mdef than pdef too, for just that reason.

                            For pve, I would still always go with my herc, excepting the few places where elements really matter, but for pvp, my long-term plan is to phase out hercules and switch to gaia - elemental resistance is a much bigger factor than attack type, so even in class wars I think that's the better choice.


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                              AQ is a great choice especially in CW now u need 3 sylphs.
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