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Voucher Shop suggestion

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    Originally posted by kasper666 View Post
    loooool at all of u u get 3rods at the start of the game thats enuff 4 all u winers gems u get free from cript runs cript key u get from mistery box u want all this stuff free do the work it takes n get it stop bitching in forum and play the game
    Yes bc 3 rods is enough to complete the 35/45 and 55 set. Even if you saved all your free rods you get for the 55 set. You won't even have a enough to complete the whole thing. Stop being a greedy Republican. I am a casher as well but I do believe that at least socket rods should be available for non-cashers as well. The guild alter and battle chests are great but having them for vouchers would be nice as well. 1850 vouchers for one rod is a perfect price as it isn't too easy nor too hard to get. It will take a few days to get all those socket rods and this will help balance the game more overall. Which is needed as it keeps the game more competitive. More competition=more fun for cashers and non-cashers. Crypt keys should also be available for a price of 750 vouchers each.

    Other than that though there shouldn't be anything else. Gems are really easy to get as is and don't need to be available for vouchers. Wings are a luxury item in this game and don't need to be available for non-cashers. Would be nice to have but not needed as wings doesn't make or break the game. You can still play the game and end up winning with out wings. What is needed are rods and crypt keys mostly for non-cashers and this game much better than it is now. Honestly, this i the only free to play game that doesn't give out free socket rods. Every other mmo allows you to open sockets and such for either in game currency or free.


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      Originally posted by shirokane View Post
      Agree with socks too, Ill never get tired of telling this R2: You really need to start helping the free player
      Why would they help free players? You're not giving them any money and you are costing server resources by playing and taking up server space. As to worthless vouchers are for world boss and upgrading your farm increasing its production.


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        ^If they didn't do anything for free players they'd just quit, if they all quit, what would you hipsters do? Ofc whine cause theres no free players you can feel pro to.
        And costing server resources? Don't make me laugh, all hipsters care about being overpowered in virtual world, you'd never pay for a game where you can't buy the top. So do go out spitting about "helping" server in all directions


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          yea agree this socketing rods for vouchers


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            I bought all mine when I hit 55. It was a great step to get in guild altar but not enough in my opinion as the rate of drop is still very low and there are quite a few you need. Cashers already have a huge advantage, and this will help the lighter cashers and free players and without them the cashers would have no one to compete with. At the moment the gap is already wide that this shouldn't create any issues.


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              You may want to move this to the Feedback and suggestions forum. You may receive more response from GMs.

              At any rate, if this DID happen, it would have to be super distinctively clear that balens are vastly better to use (like 2,000 vouchers for a rod kind of deal or 850 vouchers for a level 2 gem).