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Aegis Major vs. Refined Goddess

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  • Aegis Major vs. Refined Goddess

    After doing a google search on Aegis Major to see how it worked, I found a thread that said they couldn't be equipped at the same time. Which is better? Better for a mage? Aegis reduces damage values, and goddess reduces by %.

    PS if anyone from R2 Games is reading this- please fix the typo "you are now enenertering the graveyard" dungeon message

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    Depends on what you're using it for. Generally for PvE Aegis is better though.

    Assuming you have both at say level 4.

    160 damage reduction from aegis, 12% reduction from blessing.

    For 12% reduction to equal 160 damage you would have to take at least 1334 damage per hit from whatever's attacking you.


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      what pixie said the % one is better then the other one when you are taking hits for more then 1340 and thats with them being at same level anything less then 1340 then Aegis Major is better.


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