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Troops RESET

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  • Troops RESET

    i think we should hv troop lvl we dunno what is the best troop for need to try some...n reset it if we need others troop

  • #2
    I assume you mean a Troop level reset along with the Daru invested in them.
    Not so sure I agree with that. You aren't forced to put Daru into them, it's your choice.

    Maybe if we got something like tokens as we unlocked each different Troop, where we could use them each for a couple of hours at a certain level. I could get behind that.
    But a reset and Daru? No.


    • #3
      I mean reset but u give back like 30~50% daru..but cost some balens


      • #4
        f ur balens just let us reuse our daru im so sick of every game bleeding people dry i mean its bad enough a socket is 185 balens and u dont relly get nothing for 20.00 bucks IT WOULD B NICE TO REUSE SOCKETS OR HAVE HALF PRICE SOCKET DAY


        • #5
          yeah..socket rod is expensive...$2 each.......1 equipt will be cost $6 and we have 8 equipts.....
          I'm Newbie. Please don't ignore me


          • #6
            I mean 1 equip $4 less 1 free socket from equipt
            I'm Newbie. Please don't ignore me


            • #7
              The greatest player will slaught newbie/ weaker player because they can get more gold , daru in world boss, more insignia in arena and battleground........ sometime they just make team with the strongest in arena and give opportunities to weaker/ lower stat player.........
              I'm Newbie. Please don't ignore me


              • #8
                yes i agreed with u we need to have reset like reset skills we duno or not have idea about troops b4 we lv up it