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The game doesn't store in cache

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  • The game doesn't store in cache

    It's annoying to have to load every day Arena (lose at least 3 or 4 rounds while charging) , Spire, MPD, Tok Coud City

    will fix the problem of cache someday?

  • #2
    this is wartune........if there's a problem, you can bet your *** its gonna get worse with each passing day and there will be countless maintenance which will only increase the problem and provide you with more lag.
    Enjoy your stay


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      losing alot of profit from wb. Today everyone was at 3% before the game had loaded me in...then skills wouldnt load...massive hangs up to 20 sec plus grrrrrrrrrrrr. If r2 trying get award for worse online game, they going to right way about it. (no its not my net i tested it and its screaming along)


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        Guys, please show some respect. An official reply can wait, they're just busy counting money.


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          switch back to browser, i did, now atleast things load
          Sarcasm Intended


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            Lag seems to come and go..its weird


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              I'm about done lol. I can't do anything, and I've never had lag problems even playing triple, now I cant even play one. They can fix it or say goodbye to my money, let one more leave an old server...
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