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Clothing identification

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  • Clothing identification

    I'm not sure where to post this so if any moderator could move it to the right place it would be great.

    The matter is today i used my cores to try and upgrade a B clothing, at the end 12 cores went to trash and the clothing still at minimum, it increased, decreased, increase and finally decrease again. I could expect this in a S or A clothe but in a B clothe? I feel like you are pulling our leg with random stuff, i have see a player get 2 apollo seal in one day and myself used 200 chest once to get only the ****. I don't know how is law about this but aren't you supposed to let us now the % chance of each reward? even slot machines have a little text with the amount they give back and every how much plays. Yeah you can say i was just not lucky but we all know luck have no place here when the chances are ridiculous, it's more like a miracle. Not the first time i try my luck in this game and get **** after a huge waste, 80€ in chest for no apollo, today cores for almost 5k balens value for nothing and yes, i didn't buy them, but was hard get them to just lose all for nothing.

    Please stop trolling us.

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    will be forwarding the suggestion of adding percentage to the random chances events. thank you so much for that and best luck next time.