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I am hoping to start a thread on balen-based ideas.

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  • I am hoping to start a thread on balen-based ideas.

    I am hoping to start a thread where we all can give our ideas based SPECIFICALLY in ways we would like to spend balens in the game. For example …

    Have titles we can purchase with balens. Have a “100 GRAND” title which will add 100,000 hit points for 100,000 balens. Catchy, eh?

    Or one of my favorite ideas! Have a button so that, when we are in a fight, if we start to lose the fight, we can spend 500 balens to win the fight automatically. However, if we are fighting someone who purchases an automatic victory, we get the opportunity to spend 500 balens to block their automatic victory.
    This could really make class wars more interesting, and the game in general!

    So, do you have any good ideas?
    Class: Thief (Why play a game if you cannot steal cool things from monsters)
    Special Abilities: Clairvoyance (prevents Stun effect)
    Special Armor: Mirage Vest (Dodges 50% of attacks)
    Special Accessories: Ring of Order (prevents Chaos effect), Thief's Glove (increase steal rate)

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    this falls under suggestions section. i don't like the idea but if they give +charm bonus for it instead of stats then im okay with it.
    +charm as in what roses give, only heavy casher have high charm anyway so it will be competition between balenors.
    Temple of Ibalize


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      Wow what pathetic ways to win in a game...guess it isn't to much different then what is going on already.
      Continue on with horrible ideas that wont be implemented, even the good ones you may come up with.


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        Of course...of someone block s your win, you should get the opportunity to double down, and win for an additional 1000 balens. And so on.....things could get ugly..
        Can anyone say, "whale fight!!"
        Server: Armor S6
        IGN: Xanthralla
        Guild: Samurai


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          Lol dont give devs these ideas...


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            r2crap can easy implement ur ideas , dude ... so be carefull with it