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    in mage cw what's better using cerberus or aegis ( evoloved hades)
    or using medusa sylph i realy dont know some ppl say cerberus is better sylph in 1 vs 1
    and other say aegis is better what i have to use in cw ?

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    aegis for sure
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      the fact you ask such question says that you are completely clueless about pvp alone, which brings the answer - no matter what you use, you will lose, cause you are bad.


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        Aegis has a nice skill to kill the opponents heals, as well as one where you can heal yourself 50% of damage dealt. I would say aegis for sure.

        The only thing thing against aegis is that so many people load their sylph resistance against dark, not so much against fire, and almost none against wind.
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          when that doggy hit u with delph crit 440% dmg with no fire resistance gems mages gona scream

          dark sylph is better since difference in resistance all -100 ordinary and hades got +50(150 difference in resistance and that gap will always be there) and special effect on each skill ....

          personally I use herc pumped it from start with sepulcrums so gona max it first point in making 2+ more sylph than all will be weak


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            Mages use fire/dark/elec resist, so resist-wise, dark or fire has no advantage. Fire's skills deal a bit more damage, and delphic is one-batch, so defense is counted only once vs dark delphics 2-batch delphic. Also the dark's anti-heal skill is not so great, when you use it, the amazon sylphed too, he is not gonna heal anyway. Still, aegis heal is so HUGE advantage. Once I made an excel with calculations, skills, defenses etc and Aegis seemed to be better in overall.
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              Originally posted by daunapu View Post
              the fact you ask such question says that you are completely clueless about pvp alone, which brings the answer - no matter what you use, you will lose, cause you are bad.
              The fact that ppl think Hades trumps all is stupid. How many fire / wind resistance gems do you see people wearing? I know 90% wears electro and dark resist. Also, wind rapes Herc.


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                Aegis is not the best one to use. It is a top choice, but hercules and cerberus can easily be placed at the same level as aegis. They both have the potential to one shot with delphic and if they don't then it does an extreme amount of damage. Even athena and medusa could work if the player had some decent resist. Triton is the only one that may not do as well since it doesn't pack the punch that the others do.


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                  Hades is without a doubt the best sylph.

                  as I don't own a hades, if I see a hades, and notice I can't kill them before they awaken, I just leave the keyboard and cry some xD

                  Gaia/herc most of times can't one shot me, Cerberus does at times, and hades do it, no but. But that's most likly cause I have high elec res, decent fire, and low dark.


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                    Many people use Hercules for mage CW. Reason being, probably, that it has the MDEF reduction skill which basically turns a Mage into a Knight armorwise - and for single target damage there is no stronger sylph. Also it's the overall most useful sylph for other instances, plus it has other utility (slow, amnesia.)

                    I think that Fire versus Electro is pretty much a dead heat. However evolved Dark really trumps all.