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Improving BR Help?

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  • Improving BR Help?

    I am a level 61 knight, but the bad part is I only have a 32-33k BR which is atrocious. It seems like every time I improve it, it only goes up a small fraction. It was never a problem until I got this high of a level. As you can see this is kind of a big problem now. I definitely need some advice about how to improve my BR. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    buy the 55 pvp set in the arena shop, buy 60 rings and jewels in the crypt shop, get full enchanted
    just in case u dont know/dont have: get some guild skills up (mainly power, endurance, defense), strengthen your fate skill, put some gems on the new gear.

    also with time and patience get new mounts (tok permanent mount, amethist mount, guild shop mount, catacombs mount)
    start working towards a pve set, the 60 if you are in a young server, the70 if you are in an old server. have fun


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      Also up the level of your astros and soul crystal level, which will raise the value of gem effects. fate level, slyph.