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Group Arena , tanks, and Battlegrounds should not be on a set time schedule !

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  • Group Arena , tanks, and Battlegrounds should not be on a set time schedule !

    This game has huge flaws , Battlegrounds and Group Arenas , tanks and any other pvp event that gives / has rewards for particapation should NOT be on a set time schedule. Players should be able to go into a que at ANY time of day or night and have the chance to get there events done for the day. the set amount of times a person can get rewards can remain as it is ,But players should be able to ALL have a fair chance at doing all these reward based events !!! you can not by honor and if you miss the BG and arenas you cannot get it or the insignias needed for growth .I work and the times you have set for these things have hindered my growth ability in the game so much so I am not debating just quiting ,WHY play any game that hinders growth by making the grinding time based ? I have spent alot of money on the game for 3 accounts and for most part enjoyed the game but if things remain as they are my money will go with me to someplace other then here. I know many others think the same as I do, so something to seriously think about to those that make the game!the Addition of Dragon Invasion is both good and bad , givs great rewards ,great . almost impossible to get a group extremely bad ! requiring people to have stamina to run it is insane , I can see for rewards run but people should not be required to have stamina to help others !! epic fail!!
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    Well, I partly agree.
    The problem is, people wouldn't gather for cross server arena and matching time would be prolonged significantly.
    I would like to see BG and Cross Server arena nearly every hour. Would make the Cross Server arena last 25-30 mins.

    I haven't done Cross Server Arena for weeks (as I'm always at work at that time and lately even had some other things to do during the day on weekends).
    I do 1 BG a day (usually, right after the last WB). 1 WB a day.
    I'm happy if I do ToK or Spire. Haven't killed a single Wilds monster for ~2 weeks as well.
    The game requires more and more time and unless you cash (4-10k balens monthly), you can't keep up with players who have time to do all daily events.