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knights post level 50

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    Originally posted by DForest View Post
    ok so we can conclude knights are better than archer (and maybe mage) in the long run but what about the future archers? are you saying unless we buy socket rods we be playing like bots in the future:P
    idk,as everything all depends the way u chose to build ur char essentialy.

    i know for a fact that on the chinese servers,on forums the order of the day posts is having archers and mages complaining that they have to spend loads of cash even to defeat non cash knights.

    so idk

    maybe those archers and mages complaining there quite suck on their builds and depend exclusively of money to be anything in game.

    we will see what will happen here,its all i can say,since none of us can predict the future,only do supositions based in what happens in others servers/companys using the game.

    time will tell