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  • xXjoyXx
    started a topic Spamming ....

    Spamming ....

    Do we really have to put up with all the spamming in the Guild Chat when every one opens gem packages.....tends to farms...spins VIP vouchers etc etc??? its very intrusive during important discussions. Can't it be taken out? i'm sick of having to chase up past comments made because of it i being difficult?? I don't think so...would love to hear every one else's views on this...thank u.

  • DarkMeph
    It has been mentioned before about the amount of spam. I cannot find the thread where it was mentioned before. I think it should really be limit to rare items or list the first item they got and hides the rest. Another way of instead of DarkMeph got lvl 3 Patk gem x1 maybe add they all together so It could say DarkMeph got lvl 3 patk gem x5 instead. I think certain chat modes should have it disabled Guild Chat and Party Chat.


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