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  • R288465481
    started a topic Pet Design Contest

    Pet Design Contest

    Regarding the Pet design Contest one of the rules made perfectly clear was it had to be an original image. This means you can't simply go to Google or any other website and pull an image off and pass it as your own. This is breaking the rules. Option Number 1 the gargoyle breaks this rule I found it on Google images. I have lost the link to it.

    Option #2 Azure is simply copied and pasted off of Google images so please everyone saying he put hard work into this he did not and it is insulting that you would give someone credit for someone else's work. Here is the link to option #2 found online in less that 45 seconds of searching.

  • Arlad
    would be better if you posted this on the right forum.

    move this to shadowbound.

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