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Amazon Queen or Hades?

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  • Amazon Queen or Hades?

    Which does better in pvp and Mage cw?
    Is Hades worth the extra cost?

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    Hades, its better although it is expensive.
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      I find Hades better with my defensive tactic.
      Although, I have to invest in 2nd sylph (Gaia) for events like World Boss or Spire, because Hades deals so little damage there compared to Amazon or Gaia.
      Amazon may be some substitute for Gaia in WB or Spire.

      But if you focus on PvP, Hades would be your first choice.

      Note that many mages use Guardia Rune (and so do I).
      Thanks to it, I can survive every mage's (with +10-20k BR) delphic of Ama/Cerb, Gaia/Herc or Hades/Aegis in past 1 min. period (with +50% bonus) and heal back with Hades' Devour Soul skill.
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        PvP surely hades, mage CW base on your situation, if you can one-hit killed the opponent by AQ delphic then pick AQ (but I think not most of time can't)

        cost, surely hades (or aegis) require much more money for it, I would say hades/apollo is only for heavy cashers (yes you can still own it, but they aren't strong if you don't invest lots in it)
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