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Free EXP after maintenance 50-100k exp

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  • Free EXP after maintenance 50-100k exp

    Why is that the game has a max level 80?

    and the player is camping level 30? 34? 39? 44? 49? 54? 59? 64? 69? 74?

    You cannot experience the whole fun of the game if you stay low, cause your just having fun abusing those low BR and if you can make high level with those camps level why not doing it on high level or how about 80?

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    Max level is not 80 anymore. They have added the class advancement which gives more levels


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      People camp because they want higher BR and are not cashier. They cannot/will not spend money on this game so they stay with a lvl and slow increase their battle rating. Once they had enough of this they will raise their level and repeat the process. What is the new max level 81?

      Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.