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DI 1/2 attempts taking stamina = wy dont we get rewards second time too ?

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  • DI 1/2 attempts taking stamina = wy dont we get rewards second time too ?

    its unfair when stamina gets taken you have 2 daily attempts in Dragon invasion but only 1 gives rewards ?

    if only 1 gives reward take away 1 off the daily reward attempt then or fix that bug so s16 can collect rewards a second time aswell ! or do something about this !

    cuz wasting 60 stamina for nothing i dont consider that cool am sure many other players here agree to this ?
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    Your not supposed to be able to collect a second time. But at the patch they are making the stamina not necessary for the second time, and I've gone back in it twice already myself and not used any stamina, so its possible it can be done twice now without costing...
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      DI reward is too nice, if it enables several reward attempts will make it unbalanced, obviously
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