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Stop the skill roulette for sylphs

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  • Stop the skill roulette for sylphs

    The skills for sylphs really need an overhaul. Add a skill tree like the characters have, so at least when you buy a skill, you have it. If you still had to buy the skill you don't currently have, but can at least pick what it replaces, that would still be better than the current system. This roulette game is totally unacceptable. You spend balens on a skill, and it replaces a random one. If it wasn't what i wanted, then i have to buy it back? Even if the sylph CAME with that skill originally? Unacceptable.
    I have made it a point to talk people out of buying skills, because they will only be disappointed, and keep putting money in the pockets of a company that does nothing for the people playing the game. Millions of dollars rolling in, but the developers can't even be bothered to fix the smallest things to make the game enjoyable. We haven't had 3 world bosses in over a year, but yet, the devs can't be bothered with even fixing the time bar. I can see why more and more people are moving to Final Fantasy 14. That company cares about it's players and actually tries to improve the game. Stop the greed and please fix this nonsense, it's really getting out of control.

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    diden read all of it but what u are saying is gonna make them lose money and that's not gonna happen