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how do a new player on a new server get apollo wing?

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    haha my br is 167K br so 130K low :P but i want br event from 65 - 300k br so all players nearly can get something
    Server S16 - Immortal Ruins

    Class = Archer

    Lvl = 80

    Br = 1.883742

    IGN = ♫MoonBranch♫

    Guild = TheLegends

    Stable Mount Strenght 21200

    Sylphs = Zuez - Orange 3 stars- br ( 123K ) lvl 80 Hecate 1 Star Orange = (86K) lvl 80
    Medusa 4 Star purple Br = (41 K) lvl 80 Athena 2 Star Purple Br = (77K) lvl 80


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      Originally posted by icesz View Post
      i was 80-90k br on last HoF
      you know if the next HOF is coming this September? br range from 95k - 200k i think..
      “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”


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        Just to clarify...nobody knows if or when another HoF event is coming. Just wait to see if it comes. And to clarify the reason the br would be so high is because a majority of the players are well over 100k br many of us have been playing for over a year and a few of us have been playing since the beginning.