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Crazy fps lag during combat since 9/2 mait

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  • Crazy fps lag during combat since 9/2 mait

    Since the mait on the 2nd I've had crazy fps lag in combat, so much so that it actually effects the cds on my end 1 second becomes 1.2 seconds so things don't add up correctly. As for double hits that's out the window since that. during wb with clothes turned off skill effects, "ghost battle"(*** ever that is which constantly turns back on with each log in) enviromental effects and everything turned off. (Even disabling hardware acceleration) on a 1300 dollar rig that's not even a year old I'm getting down to like 5fps max. Before the patch on the 2nd I was getting a solid 60fps.

    I mean between this, the cache issue (my internet bill is going to be like 220 bucks next month because of that alone because of all the additional bandwidth I've had to buy) I'm probably about to start looking else where.

    Before you say it's hardware or anything like that, the mmo I played before this is 1000x more graphically taxing than this, and this fps drop only occurs during MPA,WB, and ToK which was bad enough as is.

    Things I've tried to resolve this:

    Update/rolllback drivers
    Uninstall/reinstall both flash and my browser
    Multiple different browsers (Chrome firefox etc)
    Rolled back my computer a month
    Ran virus scans registry cleanups (clean, although r2 does have something that tries to ping my about 20 times in a day)

    At this point I really don't know what else to do.
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