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BATTLEGROUNDS > a new beginning - please comment!!!

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  • BATTLEGROUNDS > a new beginning - please comment!!!

    In battlegrounds, it has become nearly impossible for lower level players (and even some highlevers) to enjoy the game, due to camping tactics. Here is a solution, and the only one that may work.

    Do something similar to the Wild Area maps, where attacked players can't be attacked for a limited period of time (seconds, obviously). It should be long enough for them to make one run from the respawn point, to the target collection point, collect items, and return. All non-stop, without waiting. THEN it should run out, and normal play resume. [If they failed to make it before time ran out? Well, I can't help that. Also, like the sister concept on the Wild Map, if the protected player attacks? Tough. They loose the protection and play returns to normal.

    Please, comment on and pass this message around. It's a simple fix. But it WORKS!!! :3
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    Huh. Not sure how this could be applied to the head to head Battlegrounds, though. Collection ones, it works. the other... maybe not so much.

    What do yall, tink about it?


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      I think the CD to attack players who have just battled is too long as it is. Sometimes I like to attack spawn campers after they battle so I can hopefully make them lose a bunch of honor if they're IC+. I agree it's hard to play when there's so many high level players but I found a way around that. I just took my time and did everything right and now am able to beat most of those players in 60-69 BG.


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        True. But this is more along the lines of peeps who have been attacked getting a breather, rather than the wait to play part - which by the way really sux if your the victim instead of the perp on the killing spree. Sure it makes sense for the CD time if the person respawning was killing folks right and left. Doesn't make much sense if it was the sheep taking the hit rather than the wolves, does it?

        All comments are welcome, though. See, I hadn't considered the CD time-out of respawn, until you brought it up though.

        Try this idea out: A 'Killing Spree' CD. They make XX number of kills in XX amount of time, then as a penalty, they receive a CD time before they can continue the Spree.
        Just a thought. Won't be a popular idea, but it IS an idea.

        Anyone else have any?

        Let's see how far this thread can go!
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          Something needs to be done will be all I say, my suggestion is as the only issue I have with bg is the lvl 80 advanced go to bg just themselves it is hard to win against them when they double your br.
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            I do agree but I like the current idea more so than bracketing by BR per say as you could face a level 80 with full advanced skills and low br but can still beat you due to higher troops/academy/HS/etc... They should implement more of a CD for killing sprees though, I do agree on this part fully.


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              What about a 'Auto Call for Help' option? If a player is under, say 15 or more levels of the attacking player, they can automatically request aid from a nearby comrade. That person would then join into the battle as well, without there helpers. Game balance would be at issue here. But if a lower-level safety consideration were applied, then you could have a setup for anyone within 15 levels of a victim to be able to assist. Or something like that. Otherwise, one might consider auto team play for anyone being attacked who is at least XX levels lower than the attacker. anything from two to four comrades could then be included in the battle, if they are within the level requirements of being lower than the attacker and nearby in order to autojoin up. It would be sorta like what happens when a team fights against a monster - one attacks and those nearby join in.

              That's another idea. Any more?


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                i am just curious why do you think people join battlegrounds? Now with new honor ranks and even before them, is it about social contacts?


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                  nope. game play is my point of view. Most people run solo with this type of game. BUT - and that's a major cautionary issue - not everyone stays that way. Many have friend they wish to stick with as the game progresses. then again, it is designed for slight interaction and more solo interactivity. So that's the way I look at it.

                  Bluntly put. if there is an obstical to enjoying the game (and any time there is a huge level gap between two participants in any field of competition, be it checkers to world war 3, the imbalance will cause a souring of morale). I'm just tossing the few ideas, I had out there for others to toss around.

                  It may not seem it, but this whole issue of this thread is cross-genre and exists in all competitions. The only question is how well it has been dealt with for that system. In this case, it is a videogame called wartunes. I like it. It could be better. So I toss in a line. This just happens to be 'THE ISSUE' with this game. It is what jumps out once you become familiar with the interface and interactions of the target scenarios, and is completely, glaringly unavoidable.

                  As this is the company's Suggestion Box persay, why not air this issue here. Brainstorm a bit. And let it float around? Who knows? Odd things can happen.

                  I set this thread up to see if anyone had any helpful suggestions. Knowing the issues is just part of that.

                  Yesyes? but then, you did ask.

                  = o.o =


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                    [QUOTE=R293072245;1100461]In battlegrounds, it has become nearly impossible for lower level players (and even some highlevers) to enjoy the game, due to camping tactics. Here is a solution, and the only one that may work.

                    where attacked players can't be attacked for a limited period of time (seconds, obviously). It should be long enough for them to make one run from the respawn point, to the target collection point, collect items, and return. All non-stop, without waiting.

                    You mentioned Camping tactics; have you seen it is nearly hard to camp now? Also since when Battle ground was fun lol? If you talk about Old patch, people were not even doing BG due to Max honor gain.
                    May i know what level Cap are you referring to? There are 15 players on each side, so if all 30 players attack each other, they wait lets say ((So and So) min to attack again? How much time you need actually, if u die in bg there is 30 seconds timer already right?
                    Also carting is nearly out of question due to new honor implement? Why you want to cart when you have chance to gain honor? People spam kill officer and nobody really cares. You waste 1 minute there. . What i suggest those who enter Bg "Just for Carting". Please don't do bg, do Gb lol. Battle Ground means fighting each other, not love with carting. Carting is only for lazy people who run away from a fight, be it weak or strong. Thats why we have blessing in Battle ground right?
                    Also how long you want to make Bg? its 27 mins bg. You need honor + Cross server points for "Road Warrior" title. I m not of those people who will let go of titles, because now it give buffs, and every title buff matters to me.
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                      Not sure if will be added to english servers, but heard one of the updates on chinese servers made it where after killing same person 3 times you would not get any more rewards for killing that same player.


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                        Here are some more pretty good ideas for Battlegrounds (BG)! I started to put similar ideas on my thread, but they covered these pretty well, so I'm linking these threads! :3

                        hope you like what they say there and here. Please comment on this thread!



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                          Some other Battleground Threads:


                          Here's a thought for Moderators: Why not merge all the Battleground related threads into a merged thread in each area of the forum? It would stop a lot of random threads from being added. Or Better yet, make a forum JUST for BG threads!

                          Sound good Peeps?
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                            If everybody needs to wait that long for each attack, just imagine if all people are not carting on 1 side and the other side is all carting, how long to get enough honor for a day?
                            GET REAL, it's BATTLEground. Not CARTINGground. Stop trying to turn this game into Farmville. kthxbye.
                            Originally posted by R2_Emma
                            For those of you looking to start out on a brand new server, here is the list of servers opening up for this week:
                            On Sunday the 23rd of February at 10:00 AM GMT+8, we'll be releasing Snowfire Sands, an Oceanic Server.
                            Yay! Finally a NEW Oceanic server!

                            Originally posted by R2_Emma
                            A server merge is scheduled for Friday, the 28th March; Shadowledge (S413) and Snowfire Sands (S439)
                            33 days with no events to lessen disadvantages. PLS HELP US, Post Here


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                              Not looking to make a carting ground.. Just looking for solutiions to a known problem. Feel free to add any! :3

                              Please Be Constructive!