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Battleground Discussions - Please post them here. :3

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  • Battleground Discussions - Please post them here. :3

    We've all been through it. The campers. The massive lag due to too many peeps or data. Power players...

    It's gotten to us all.

    Well, why not? What do you have to say about it? Do you have any ideas? Solutions? HA!

    Put em here!

    Or drop them on my other Thread in the suggestion forum:!!!

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    camp if you want to be strong in your lvl, lvl up if you want content. Choose one of them or cash and you can do both with less camping


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      Camping is troll, camp at base and no one get outs t cart

      why camp just level whole game point is to level and beat game and iwn.


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        Originally posted by DutchQueenie View Post
        Camping is troll, camp at base and no one get outs t cart

        why camp just level whole game point is to level and beat game and iwn.
        There is no beating the game lol. Game is endless unless you quit.
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          When u win
          its like oh wow see I am powerful
          when u lose
          U chity cashier u cheat u are lucky or u are a b ! tch

          Bg is about killing one another
          Lose and carry ur dryad and go revenge urself
          BG = BATTLE GROUND


          The sooner everybody gets the logic
          It becomes more civilized although the same amount of blood will be shed
          But no more father mother family ur wallet or whatsoever **** chit storm of insult and abuse get throw in the way

          If u truly truly want to cart put in suggestion to create a
          CARTING GROUND event
          when nobody can attack anybody
          NO pvp whatsoever event
          Then u can cart all u wanted
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            agree with the previous post. noobs complaining about not getting to cart when they themselves should've realised they joined a PVP event. One even said to me BG is for everyone to win something and for him to win something he needs to get cart and turn it in -_-" He should've realised the only win you get in a PVP event is winning a fight against another player or winning the event after 30mins with ur team scoring more pts than the other team. They can always avoid BG for 1+yr so that majority of the players would've gotten max honor rank and the slaughter will gradually die down since it gets real boring killing ppl over n over again if not for the goal of getting max honor daily to get a new rank and title for more stats.
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              Why not merge all the Battleground related threads into a single merged thread or a Seperate Forum!


              see my other thread for more BG related info...