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  • Lag Reduction

    I noticed it still happens even in the last patch. When we click say City or Atoll we seem to be connected to the city a 2nd time. This lags players regardless if just coming on. Can you figure the code out to actually not have our player double sit in one area or a wait room with others? For example if we are playing any mpd or event at Dinah, we enter a room separate of the city. No player hovering around her if in her rooms. Those of us playing with non-high end pcs or laptops(namely no pentium or better) have such a hard time with such high traffic zones. I gotta use a different pc to play things where this laptop refuses to skill correctly even with so many options turned off. Even your rose giving, fireworks, or use of divine light do the same. Divine light imo should only be shown in wilds not across the entire game. Certainly you can correct this with all our contributions in balen purchases.

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    I mentioned it elsewhere, but it is true. the only option that seemed to have any real affect was the one for not viewing other players. That bit of data refusal allowed a much faster processing. but it isn't an option throughout the game itself, only in the major city. The rest? Hey, it crashes my system too. and I use different comps as needed.

    here's that thread:
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