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  • Healing

    how about change the mechanics on healing and sylph healing. cut down the amount of healing done by mages,unfair on knights and archers to get them down blow half of HP bar then they regen full HP(like their AOE isnt op as it is). As for sylphs, you should come back out of sylph mode with the HP you started with when you turn into your sylph, it should curb all these water sylph players with rain dance healing full HP again befor they come out of sylph mode.

  • #2
    Nerfing the healing of a mage is by far the most moronic idea I have ever heard of. Mages are by definition of the game the kings of AOE and the HEALERS. How many times have you relied on a mage to heal your party in spire or arena or mpd? The mage is designed to be the healer of the party so that other classes can focus on damage and protection. As for AOE, there are only 2 worthwhile mage area damage skills. These are the rain of fire and meteor destroyer. Their delphics greatly suck and only have use in guild battle or arena, thus many rarely use them.

    Yes I am biased because my toon is a mage. However, that doesn't defeat the fact that mages are always wanted in things because of their great healing.

    As for the sylph healing. That is what a player chooses to do and no player should be punished in the way you are wanting all because of their choice in what sylph they want. THen again if your idea goes into effect a player could have close to zero health and come out of sylph mode with near full regardless of the sylph they chose. How does this make it better than how things currently are?
    Last edited by Zeak42; 09-10-2014, 05:20 PM.