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Game Events > What?! I Missed It?!

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  • Game Events > What?! I Missed It?!

    Have you ever been doing one thing only to realize you forgot to do something else? My comment is this:

    I don't like the Exp thingy they have in the game if you miss an event. You have to pay excessively for some rewards, and can't access others.

    Sure, the rewards vanish after a time to be replaced by others from the previous day's events. But this doesn't really work for me. It's rather annoying actually.

    Here is my suggestion. Allow players to actually participate in a - how should I put this? - makeup exam? If you've ever missed any kind of test, school or otherwise, then you know what I ment by using that term. Most events only take place at a set time of the day, or for a limited amount of attempts. This thread is concerned with the set timed ones.

    Suggestion: Allow 'Make up timed events'!!!!

    By this, I mean you only get one shot at the event typically, but if you missed it, then you can attempt it at a later time or date - AT YOUR LEASURE! This would have to be within tolerable parameters though. Common sense applies. I mean, you can't do something at your leasure if it is a group event, can you?

    So let's think this through. Say a World Boss battle? Normally each day, there are 2 shots to enter one of these events, but only one per boss. Oops! I missed it! An option would be an alternative time to enter this event. For this group type of event, the Makeup or Reschedule should be within 1 to 2 days of that missed event. I guess it could be at night of the same day, if the missed event was in the morning. A 12 hour offset time.

    And I just drew a blank...


    anyway, obviously, those who didn't miss the event CAN'T play the same event twice. As for any ranking systems? You would have several choices, but if it isn't needed for a TOTAL ranking, then I would bother worrying about it. If it matters, then a total for each event (the original and remake), then a final tally for any rankings. Of course, that means a waiting period on FINAL prizes, but not current event prizes.

    what else? My brain is swish cheese. The moon makes a huge sandwich. And blue martians just stole my cousin's purple cow. Now what'd I do with my ghost cookies and nonexistant coffee?

    = O.o =


    Why get ANY rewards if you haven't gotten the chance to actually play an event?
    I want to play! I want to play!! I want to play!!! *pout*


    Make a Missed Events list. It would be a button the player can access from their main screen (or a special building on their City, or a new NPC to the main city). It would have a list of events missed, divided into two catagories: those remade that day only, and those that can be played up to so many days after it was missed. somewhere between up to 7 days for some and maybe a month for others. Just a thought. Also, add here a set amount of REMAKE POINTS. That way, you don't have to worry about whether or not you used up all your allowed access points for that type of event on the day you missed it. Just use access points.

    Now should access points be only given free per time period? As a game award for other events? As a dropped item? As a shop item? Or ALL THE ABOVE and then some?

    My hed, Et iz a marshmellow, und ze swamp, a pillow.
    -last words of the drowned merc. heh

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    sigh... good luck


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      now it's out of my head. yes. that's all that matters.


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        since I'm thinking about it:


        Add an icon button directly to the character stat page.

        It should say something like "Merc's Cat.o.log o' Shoppes".

        It should be an itemized list of shops, stores, award centers, etc. and a short descrip of what type it is.

        -click a title, to walk to that store.

        Idea: Get the catalogue through a special event. Plus, bonus Merc-type items, including additional titles, clothes, and a pet. (a pet?! WTH? We don't need no stinkin' pets!) Actually, it would only be a small visible item attatched in the clothing section. nothing major, but maybe, just maybe, a little nifty? :3

        well, that's that idea.

        another thought....

        Mini Games!!
        This was on another of my threads, but diserves it's on thread. Enjoy!!

        There should be a button with a list of ALL the ingame minigames, daily or otherwise. This should have the required player level, followed by the game's name. This could be an active list similar to the daily events list. This means the color code system, and whether a player is able to play that game at the time. This button could also take the place of ALL the minigame buttons crowding the screen. If a player must go to a location to play, then the 'Join/ completed' option on the right (see: daily events popup screen) would take them there.

        Just more of the mush floating around in my head. -.- o.o -.- O.O -.- o.O -.- x.x