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  • Shops!


    Add an icon button directly to the character stat page.

    It should say something like "Merc's Cat.o.log o' Shoppes".

    It should be an itemized list of shops, stores, award centers, etc. and a short descrip of what type it is.

    -click a title, to walk to that store.

    Idea: Get the catalogue through a special event. Plus, bonus Merc-type items, including additional titles, clothes, and a pet. (a pet?! WTH? We don't need no stinkin' pets!) Actually, it would only be a small visible item attatched in the clothing section. nothing major, but maybe, just maybe, a little nifty? :3

    well, that's that idea.

  • #2
    Also, there should be a button with a list of ALL the ingame minigames, daily or otherwise. This should have the required player level, followed by the game's name. This could be an active list similar to the daily events list. This means the color code system, and whether a player is able to play that game at the time. This button could also take the place of ALL the minigame buttons crowding the screen. If a player must go to a location to play, then the 'Join/ completed' option on the right (see: daily events popup screen) would take them there.

    Just more of the mush floating around in my head. -.- o.o -.- O.O -.- o.O -.- x.x