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Sylph skills

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  • Sylph skills

    As a lot of us, myself included, feel it is unfair to expect us to re-purchase sylph skills that can be lost due to the random allocation system, my suggestion is to have something like a skill pool ... so instead of completely losing a skill when changing over they go into a 'pool' of skills ... I would keep the random allocation as it's a fun part to not know what you're going to lose... maybe with a cooldown period to still make you think a bit before swapping out ... seems a bit fairer than having to keep paying out .. plus you could add even more skills for us to play with.

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    Great idea.
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      great idea. thank you. will be forwarding this.


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        Ehr... That solution is pretty mediocre.

        A, way better, solution is what I posted earlier and I quote once again:

        Just noticed this, this was also one of my biggest annoyances. I got an Athena, however my skillset is full but I want Divine Prayer somwehere in my current skillset, but I don't want it to randomly remove. The 'New Slot' should also be that you can swap a skill you aleady know. Just my 2 cents.

        They will still earn money from it, because at it's current state I am not investing in it. Simply because the chance that it replaces a useful skill, that I want to keep, is way, way too big for me. In other words; now I don't cash anything anymore on my Athena at all. So just fix this. For me it won't matter much anymore as I stopped playing quite a bit and will completely quit soon.