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The need to clear up system chat

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  • The need to clear up system chat

    Wasn't entirely sure where to post this but decided here as well as a ticket to hear what both the mods and players think.

    System chat is meant to display feats of accomplishments and rare drops such as Beating Necropolis or gaining a thunder beast mount, however now any old item seems to appear in system chat causing problems with chat, lag and log ins.

    Feats such as completing Floor 100 catacombs at this stage of the game are no longer feats that need to be announced to the entire server, however this is not a problem in the scheme of things. (One message once a day)

    Where the problem arises is from the mass amount of low level items displayed, most commonly gem packs and with the mass amounts we seem to be getting from each event (I love the gems) but when you have 100+ players on 500+ servers all opening 5k+ packs of gems it leads to some nasty spam of the in game chat and most likely a major source of lag through an accidental Ddos and server strain. (1k+ messages in a second)

    The System section of the in game chat needs an overhaul to remove low level, common items from been displayed and keep it to those of actual accomplishment.

    Items needing removal = All gems, whips, luck stones, guild alter, and 100 catacomb

    Tl.DR - System chat needs a rework to remove the low end unnecessary award announcements.

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    I'd be fine if they made select chats show ONLY the item it's supposed to have: IE World chat - only world messages ; Party - only party ; Guild - only guild..... and finally System chat - all the useless rubbish no one gives a flying **** about...