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WOW 2 mil+ spend

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    Originally posted by LordFireMage View Post
    ..all have their way. reaching 14k star points
    i think you have 3 lvl 5 astrals or even level 6
    it's sad really, i don't..i had all lv. 4s maybe one lv. 5 i think

    now i got all oranges

    i got 3 lv. 4 1 lv. 3. haha.. just leveling it up now..

    but it really is amazing , i would love to see some probability of getting an orange calculated out . it's truly mind boggling. lol

    if you say it's easy, then it's easy, if you say it's hard, it's also dam hard. lol...
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      Originally posted by Cerden View Post
      ya dont spam it, take your time


      I pause a moment before each star
      just like he said , spam it when u see ppl win yellow astral , bcoz thats the time when 3ppl+ win yellow astral ...
      but i heard rumors 5 min before server refresh is the best time to get yellow (rumors from chinese server) dont trust it tho
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	astrals.png
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Size:	619.9 KB
ID:	1661947

        server 36 3.5k star points
        it is all luck


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          usually i click 5 times in a row and see if it working good or not .. if not i just close astro window and open it again to avoid that much misfortunes

          and to upgrade an orange astral from level 1 to level 5 u need more than 7000 Star Points .. so don't wait for luck

          Click image for larger version

Name:	astro.JPG
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Size:	105.5 KB
ID:	1661948
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            all i know is like other people in this thread my luck sux!
            giving game one last chance :

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            server 164 brighthollow
            class : archer
            current level : 54
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