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Fusion! And I don't mean Synthesis

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  • Fusion! And I don't mean Synthesis


    Take two items to create a new item otherwise not available in the game. Similar to both Clothing Synth. and other synth, but not exactly.

    Difference: You take to lvl 10 items (plus skill, plus materials, plus cost, etc...) and fuse them together to get a better weapon of the same or higher level, rarety, enchantment, etc.


    Options could include being able to select a limited number of stats of the two items to have a 'chance' to maintain them in the new item - ie: 55% chance to keep as is, 25% chance to increase, 20% chance to decrease, 5% chance to loose it completely with a 50% of being replaced by something else of higher value.

    That's one type.

    You could also expend the two (or more) items to create a higher rarety enchanted item, moving from none, to blue, to green, etc.

    anyway, I could talk more about this, but I'm tired. Enjoy what I have put up here! Hope it gets the rusted cogs turning away in SOMEBODY'S head!


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    nice idea maybe its good!