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Descent Battle Rating range to finish Class Advancement???

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    People are still talking about HS? The only people who use HS are the ones who just maxed out and doesn't realize that no one uses it anymore at L80. Every time someone uses HS on me, I laugh and say free kill.

    "HS saved my life," said no one over 200k br.


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      Getting back, if I decide to level up 80 rush because no one uses HS anymore in pvp, you know what happens? I will still be killed. If you said I should get strong first by doing 80 pve stuffs, then I delay doing bg, and noting that as you get strong, other old 80 players are getting strong too, which defeats the purpose... the reason I level up fast is to do bg asap, yet I will not be able to do it if I get to 80...

      Wrath has said it right.. if you do not care about pvp, then go 80 to reap all the benefits pve gives

      But then, pvp is the spice of the game... Just missing it is like, uh....