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Cross-Server Guild Battle Rewards

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  • Cross-Server Guild Battle Rewards

    can i get some Official confirmation that the rewards will go to entire Guild and not just the 40 Participants. or atlease a link to info stating this.

    thanks in advance for your time and help

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    really nothing on this anywhere?


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      Everyone gets rewards. One batch after prelims and another after finals. Used as currency for the cs gb shop. If you want full in-game confirmation signups are in 36? or so hours on Oceanic (just throwing a number out there, whenever 17th is)

      Edit: Should mention you have to be in the guild BEFORE it gets signed up into CS GB, and stay there for the entire duration. So if you join after or leave in the middle you won't get any rewards.
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        yea we got some people on our server that think only participants get rewards.

        and some are worried that rewards are only for 80's really


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          Nope, and nope.

          Main reward sure will be holy forge materials, but there'll also be mount cards, adv SC, runes and so on. We'll know full list within a few days but even lv40 noobs can get the mount for example (as long as our version doesn't remove them from shop).